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Game of logic for children made by educators.

Game of logic for children made by educators.

Game of logic for children made by educators. Find the element that doesn't fit in the series. Take this example. Which one is the odd one out?

1 - Dog

2 - Cow

3 - Elephant

4 - Shark

Get the answer and many more with the "Intruders Busters" game of logic for children.

Would you like your children to...

- Develop their logical thinking through 1,200 logical combinations?

- Stimulate their observation and concentration capacity?

- Develop different areas of their education through play?

- Use technology educationally?

With these objectives, Smile & Learn offers you the interactive game Different & Learn with these features:

- Age: 2-10 years old.

- Six educational categories (animals, cooking, letters, numbers, shapes and colors) and more than 1,200 fun combinations.

- Four difficulty levels (apprentice, technician, researcher and scientist) to adapt to the child's development.

- Different customization options (name, age and avatar) so the child can save his or her scores and work.

- It is easy and simple to monitor the child's progress.

- Available in different languages: Spanish, English, French, Chinese and Italian.

- Original music and illustrations.

- 100% safe: No in-app advertising or purchases.


The "Intruder Busters" game of logic helps children develop their logical thinking. Children have to find the element that does not fit into a series of items classified into different categories (animals, cooking, letters, numbers, shapes and colors and mix). The game gives the children the name of the category the odd one out is in making it a good way to stimulate language and categorization processes.

Caza Intrusos


Caza Intrusos 1